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A brief update on thoughts and schedule for this upcoming season! This past year has been fantastic and I look forward to continuing to provide top coaching services to all my athletes. Your feedback on daily workouts, long term plans and coach interaction is key to your success and helping me provide the best guidance.

Keys to Success in 2018

Embrace an evolution mindset:
Chase improvement not races and recognize there are no shortcuts or “crash /crunch training” for an event
2.This is your reminder about year round consistency. There’s no on/off switch and the post season time is the greatest predictor for your success and foundation of 2018.

Pre-season and planning ahead:
January through March are key to development or adaptation, quality, not necessarily long- that comes in the 8-12weeks prior to your endurance event.

It’s important to realize it’s about many sessions, many weeks to build sustainable and consistent specific training.

I like to use Sunday as the day to look ahead at how you will plan the week, the intent of fitting in training with work and life. Ask ahead about specific workouts planned out if you have questions.

As you look at your plan and year, think about the basics of life and how you’ve improve. The basics include your intent, fueling during and after workouts, being present in your training, willingness to adapt, commitment to strength and core training throughout the year and achieving adequate sleep.

Battling a cold or preparing for long plane travel?

Not only in the winter are we exposed to more indoor air pollution but germs seem to spread quickly because of various reasons. I have a few preventative things I like to carry daily and especially on an airplane.
hand sanitizer- use often.
Public places I often use the sleeve of my shirt or gloves to open doors.
On the plane- use the air vent to push away uncirculated air
Oregonal Oil- spendy but worth it, place a few drops under your tongue.
Scarf or medical face mask- handy when someone is coughing near you.
Emergen-C- take 1-2 packets for a long flight.
Oscillium if you feel that you have picked up something.

IF and when you are the recipient of cold, continue to take the absolute best care of yourself. Take time of work, limit your exposure to others and rest. Hot Lemon tea with raw honey.
raw garlic in a.m. and pm
Netti pot if sinuses are plugged
Vitamin C- preferably organic fresh juice

Take a break from exercise for 2-3 days until symptoms are significantly better, there is no reason to continue training until your body is ready.





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